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They have coronary artery disease for omega-3 fatty acids that is a pretty clear benefit I'm especially up to three grams a day have some pretty good risk reduction there is on some possible reduction with the man show but the two studies there they work great results let me tell you a little bit about I'm one was the Alzheimer's disease cooperative study so if you have be genetic a marker for Alzheimer’s disease which remember a small up portion of the population have theapoe4 gene you might have slight benefit if you take to make it three fatty acid they did fine a study cell that’s interesting although I don't know how many my patient have the gym Nick marker because we're not routinely testing for in day-to-day practice the second study with problem I to studios is a memory improvement with Tasha and they I gave older adults with but who had a some kind of impairment about nine hundred milligrams a day omega-3 fatty acids and that DHEA group scored higher on memory testing versus the sugar group this rebel group but they had no improvement in function so again it's one other thing for your test score goes up but what does it mean for your day-to-day life they didn't find any improvement next time you talk about to things that we get asked about a lot one our finances and dementia managing money and then also driving because when you have some memory.


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